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For Patients

New Patient Registration
If you are a new patient, you will be asked to give certain basic information to our registration clerk. This is to allow us to make up a medical record and establish an account number, if you do not already have one. You may be asked to re-register if you have not been seen for several years.

  • Change of Name, Address or Phone Number
  • Circumstances change, and to be sure that our records remain accurate and up-to-date, we ask that you notify us of changes such as:
    • A new Name (marriage, divorce, adoption)
    • A new Address
    • A new Telephone Number
    • Appointments
    It is necessary that you have an appointment to be seen at the Clinic (except for the Richmond Road Location). One can be made either in person or by telephone by contacting the appropriate appointment desk for the physician or specialty you wish to see. Times available are limited and some physicians are not accepting new patients. If you are new and the specific doctor you request does not have an opening available, you will be offered the first appointment open with another physician in the same specialty wherever possible.

    At the end of your visit, if the physician has indicated that you are to have another appointment, be sure to stop at the appointment desk so that an appropriate time can be assigned and noted in the physician's appointment schedule.

    The Clinic tries to operate as close to scheduled appointment times as possible, but occasionally emergencies or unforeseen circumstances make it impossible.

    Appointment Cancellations
    Crowded schedules demand that we be notified at least 24 hours in advance if it is necessary that you cancel. This will allow another patient to use this time. The importance of such consideration cannot be over-emphasized.

    Your Visit to the Clinic
    Each time you visit the Clinic for medical diagnosis or treatment, you must register at the receptionist's desk. 

    Many patients are referred to the Clinic for consultation by family physicians or other specialists. If you have been referred by a physician not on the Clinic Staff, be sure to indicate this to the Clinic specialists you see so that appropriate information can be furnished to the referring doctor. Following your consultation for that specific illness, you normally will return to the referring physician for continuing care.

    Patient Medical Records
    (903) 614-3103

    Your medical record is strictly confidential. It is important to your care that you confide complete information to your doctor. Employees know the sanctity of the information contained in a patient's medical record.

    Psychiatric records are kept separately and are under the direct control of the psychiatrist.

    Release of Information (903) 614-3103 To assure confidentiality, information from your medical record will not be released to a third party without your permission. Three Exceptions to this rule are:
    • Information sent to a referring physician.
    • Workman's Compensation Claims (first and final reports)
    • Court Subpoena - In these instances, it is assumed that you wish information released. Your permission is implied by informing us you were referred or claiming the injury as a result of your work. There is no charge for information furnished to another physician involved in your care. All other request for information (such as attorneys, insurance companies, etc.) result in a charge for the doctor's time and effort in reviewing the medical record and preparing the report.

    Financial Responsibility

    The Collom & Carney Clinic has the resources and willingness to file your primary insurance. As a courtesy, we are happy to make reasonable efforts to help you receive reimbursement for insurance or other third party programs to which you belong. However, payments of fees are the patient's responsibility and the success (or lack of success) in securing reimbursement from a third party does not lessen your obligation to pay the clinic promptly.

    In the case of minors, the person bringing the child in for visits will be responsible for the fees for such services. The reimbursement from a divorced spouse will be the responsibility of the person having custody and/or requesting the service.

    The Collom & Carney Clinic is a private group practice. We receive no direct grants or funds from any governmental agency except those programs which are open to all physicians and make reimbursements for services actually rendered, such as Medicare, Medicaid, Champus, State Rehabilitation, etc. Government and State programs do not reimburse the full amount of charges.

    Our terms are cash or insurance at the time services are rendered. Questions regarding financial matters should be directed to the Patient Accounts office they will be happy to work with you on such matters.

    Billing (903) 614-3016 / Past Due Balances (903) 614-3015
    An itemized statement will be sent to you each month. It also reflects all payments received during the month. By saving such statements, you will have a complete record of charges and payments on your account. Payment is due upon receipt.

    Questions regarding your account should be directed to the Bookkeeping Department.

    Our clinic is committed to conducting its business in a lawful and ethical manner. We comply with all applicable federal, state and local laws.

    The Clinic is participating with most major insurance networks and requires that you pay only your Co-pay at the time of service when applicable. Due to federal regulations we cannot waive any co-pays. As a courtesy, we file health insurance claims to a wide variety of carriers. The Business Office will assist with insurance filing, appeals and completion of disability claim forms, and account resolution.

    Unfortunately, due to federal and state regulations, there is an increased amount of paperwork that requires completion on your first visit to the clinic and then periodically after that.

    We are required by federal law to provide a Notice of Privacy Practices to you upon request and you will be asked to sign a Consent for Use and Disclosure of Protected Health Information form on your first visit to the Clinic.

    Insurance carriers require that we maintain a current signature on file that authorizes us to file and receive payment on your behalf. Please expect periodic requests to update this information upon arrival for appointments.

    We collect information about a patient's medical condition, history, medication, and family illnesses to provide quality care. We realize the sensitive nature of this information and we are committed to maintaining its confidentiality. We do not release or discuss patient specific information with others unless it is necessary to serve the patient or required by law.

    Subject only to emergency exceptions, patients can expect their privacy will be protected and patient specific information will be released only to persons authorized by law or by the patient's written consent. No Collom & Carney Clinic Association colleague, affiliated physician, or other healthcare partner has a right to any patient information other than that necessary to perform his or her job.

    Telephone Calls
    If it is necessary to call the Clinic to talk to the nurse or physician, we will attempt to handle your call quickly and efficiently. However, it should be noted that there are times when immediate action on request is not possible. In some cases, medical records must be obtained, an employee must consult with a physician or some other legitimate reason exists for delay. In such cases you will be asked to leave a telephone number and we will respond as soon as we gather the necessary information.

    If you have not received an answer within a reasonable time (the end of the morning or afternoon in which the initial contact was made), be sure to call back during clinic hours. The Clinic does not accept collect long distance calls. We would suggest you consider one of the following: Call person-to-person when you wish to talk to a particular person or extension number. Dial the person-to-person code, which is -0-, then your number. Tell the operator that you wish to make a person-to-person call. Rates are higher than station-to-station, and also apply when you talk to an extension or alternate person. But you are not charged while the telephone operator is in conversation with the Clinic operator.

    Call station-to-station if you wish to talk to anyone who answers. Charges will begin when the Clinic operator answers the telephone.

    The Clinic has an answering service (903) 779-4105 when the Clinic is closed. If you call the main number (903) 614-3000 after hours, you will be forwarded to the answering service. Be sure to observe the Clinic Hours (8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday through Friday).

    Smoking Policy
    We are a Non-Smoking Facility. We encourage all of our patients, friends, and visitors not to smoke for your health's sake and those about you.

    Lost and Found
    To assist patients, visitors, and employees, the Clinic maintains a Lost and Found Department at the Registration Desk on the first floor of the main clinic. All articles found should be sent to this office as soon as possible and every effort will be made to locate the owner. The Clinic assumes no responsibility for personal articles lost or stolen on Clinic premises.