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Cataract surgery has undergone tremendous advances, turning dreams into reality!  Through a unique technological advance, we now have available an intraocular lens that provides patients with a quality range of vision in one optical system.  The FDA approved AcrySof ReSTOR IOL on March 21, 2005.

ReSTOR IOL is designed to allow patients to see clearly at a distance and near, delivering a high level of glasses-free vision following cataract surgery. 

Dr. E.T. Ellison, Dr. Wanda Northam, Dr. Gary Womack
This means that many patients can read the text on items such as prescription bottles, read a book, drive a car -day or night, and play golf or tennis.  Thus, giving patients back the distance and near vision they haven't experienced since a child.
Following cataract surgery with traditional intaocular lenses (IOL), patients often still need to use their reading glasses or bifocals to be able to read objects at close range.  This is because traditional artificial lenses implanted during cataract surgery typically only correct for distance vision.
In a clinical study, 80% of patients receiving the ReSTOR IOL reported that they never wear glasses for any activities.
Cataract surgery remains the most frequently performed surgery in the U.S. and is one of the safest as well.  So, the surgery itself remains the same, only the lens technology has improved.  Surgery is performed on an outpatient basis and only requires a few hours of the patient's time from start to finish.  Cataract surgery consists of making a small incision, inserting an instrument to dissolve and remove the cloudy cataract and finally, the insertion of the AcrySof ReSTOR IOL.

The physician will examine the eye the next day.  The patient will also begin using prescription eye drops to guard against infection and help the eye heal.


Everyone heals differently, but the majority of patients return to most of their normal activities the day after surgery.  Once both eyes have been treated, the patient will fully appreciate the advantages of the AcrySof ReSTOR IOL.

In fact, studies have shown that nearly 94% of patients said they would have the ReSTOR IOL implanted again if given the choice.

For most cataract patients, life without reading glasses or bifocals is something they just dreamed about.  Now the physicians at Collom and Carney Eye Institute are making those dreams a reality.


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