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With 100+ physicians in 20 specialties, Collom & Carney Clinic serves the healthcare needs of more than 200,000 active patients. This "Physician Owned" group has been a staple in East Texas for the past 70 years. Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) has recognized Collom & Carney as a better performer in the "Performance and Practices of Successful Medical Groups." The clinic has received this distinction since 1998, the first year criteria was developed for this award. The clinic has always maintained a standard of professionalism and excellence, yet within a friendly working environment. All of our physicians are provided with the best resources available, including state-of-the-art equipment, superior staff support, and administrative assistance.


Job Openings


M-F 8-5

 Starting salary is $8.25 with potential increase to $9.75 within first six months.

Please send resume to smcgough@collom-carney.com



Summary Of Position And Responsibilities

Must have ARRT and a valid Texas State License. 


If you meet the qualifications listed and are interested in applying for this position, you must obtain an application from Shannon McGough or Kristy Patterson in the Human Resource Department, complete and return before the deadline date shown above. Submission of an application should not be construed as an offer and does not automatically result in your being selected for the position. The goal of the Clinic continues to be to place the best qualified applicant in the position.

Collom & Carney Clinic is an Equal Opportunity Employer



Mon. - Friday 8am to 5pm

Following up on Medicare claims status and denials.  Researching to have claims processed in a timely manner.

1. High school graduate or equivalent.
2. Computer experience.
3. At least one year of Medicare experience with knowledge of the Medicare modifiers and other guidelines for physicians. Must know how to use a CPT book and ICD-10 book. At least 2 week of training is required.


Case Manager Medicare and Humana

M-F 8-5

Strategically manage services for specified patient population. Provide a focus on wellness, prevention, and efficient care through the coordination with patients, their families, and physicians. The education of the patient and his/her family will be incorporated into the care plan after careful assessment of the patient’s knowledge base, home life, and post-acute resources. The Case Manager will play a vital role in the clinical, financial and education of patients and will ensure these aspects are all considered simultaneously throughout the continuum of care. The Case Manager will ensure the patient receives the right services at the right level of care and will assist the patient in navigating their own care at an optimum level.

1. The ability to demonstrate knowledge and effectiveness of Case Management principles in the following health care areas; processes, relationships, management, community resources, service delivery, psychosocial interventions and all other areas of Case Management.
2. Design and develop a process of identifying patients in need of ongoing surveillance, tracking and screening for development of further complication and follow-up in partnership with the health care team.
3. Coordinates with patient, families, and health care teams to develop a mutually agreeable plan of care that meets the needs of the individual patient.
4. Research the healthcare environment for innovative concepts and best practices and develops practical applications for quality improvement.
5. Develop and maintain processed to improve transitions of care, focusing on hospital and ED discharges as well as post acute care facility usage and interactions with specialists.
6. Develop and maintain processes measuring the patient experience, clinical quality measures and utilization management that drive the cost of care.
7. Keep patients well informed by telephone and in writing of activities/case summaries.
8. Demonstrate sensitivity to issues and show pro-active behavior in addressing client and patient needs.
9. Promotes health education and provides literature to patients to enhance understanding of a condition, treatment or procedure.
10. Assist patients in addressing questions to their physician.
11. Coordinate services for the patient population having a health risk or chronic condition to include screening and on-going monitoring.
12. Utilize appropriate community health care resources to maximize patients healthcare outcomes.
13. Maintain confidentiality and adhere to HIPAA requirements.
14. Document clinical information completely, accurately and in a timely manner.
15. Other duties as assigned.

1. Current LVN/LPN license.
2. Experience with Medicare population a strong plus.
3. Must possess a working knowledge of CPT/ICD-10 codes.
4. Two – three years experience of utilization or Case Management preferred.
5. Knowledge of managed care principles regarding legal and regulatory requirements and confidentiality preferred.
6. Must have excellent communications and presentations skills.
7. Demonstrates diplomacy and professionalism when dealing with staff or patients.
8. Knowledge of primary care a plus

Commercial Insurance Clerk

M-F 8-5

1. Computer experience.
2. Must know how to use a CPT book and ICD-10 book. At least 2 - 4 weeks of training is required.
3. At least one year follow-up experience on claims is desirable.
4. Medical and medical business office terminology. (EOB, RA, EFT, etc.)


1. Taking care of all accounts with Commercial as their primary insurance.
2. Works all above insurance denials. Must decide why a claim was denied, correct it if possible and re-file as soon as possible.
3. If a procedure is denied that we cannot collect on, maybe the procedure is bundled or global, then you must write up a request for a write off to forward to Data Department.
4. Answer phone calls from the patients or other departments.
5. File all supplement insurance claims, which involves matching the claims with the Commercial EOB’s and mailing them or filing electronically.


1. Pleasant, friendly disposition with the ability to work with patients as well as employees.
2. Awareness of need for discretion and for keeping confidential all matters relating to clinic, the employees and the patients.
3. Intelligence to use judgement and initiative in determining the course of action with filing claims.
4. Ability to handle stressful situations while remaining calm.
5. Exhibits a cooperative helpful manner toward co-workers.
6. Tact and diplomacy when dealing with patients.

Laboratory Receptionist

Mon - Fri 8am to 5pm

Starting salary $8.25

Please send resume to smcgough@collom-carney.com



Must have current Texas/Arkansas License. This position does not require to go into surgery or be on call, but a plus.

Charge Verification / Coding

Mon - Fri 8am to 5pm

Must be familiar with CPT codes and ICD-10 codes.  Must have previous physician office billing experience.  


Please submit resume to smcgough@collom-carney.com




M-F 7:45 am until finished

To perform primary activity of analysis of specimens, perform quality control on all instrumentation, work with survey specimens, and perform quality assessment on all aspects of the moderately complex laboratory. In addition, venipuncture, is part of this individual’s responsibility. This individual must be able to accurately obtain the specimen for correct patient results and to accurately complete paper work and records. This person is the first contact the laboratory has with the public and must at all times interact professionally with the patients. This person must be able to utilize the Nextgen computer system, and the LabDAQ computer system on a limited basis.

1. Performs venipuncture when necessary.
2. Evaluates and documents test results as to accuracy.
3. Assists in inventory control.
4. Collects blood specimens in a timely and accurate manner. If this person is uncertain of the specimen requirements, knows where the reference materials are located and can use them.
5. Labels and identifies specimen collection tubes with the patient’s name, chart number, date, time and initials.
6. Performs venipuncture from patient in doctor’s office when patient cannot come to the lab.
7. Keeps drawing station neat, clean and well stocked.
8. Greets the patients cordially.
9. Identifies the patient properly by date of birth and name.
10. Can process orders in the Nextgen computer system.
11. Prepares encounter forms
12. Prepares barcode labels using the LabDAQ computer system.
13. Charges laboratory tests correctly. Disposes of biohazard wastes and specimens
14. Answers questions in area of responsibility.
15. Can look up reports in the LabDAQ computer system.
16. Answers the telephone courteously.
17. Able to enter, approve, print, retrieve, and edit reports and patient demographics in the LabDAQ system.
18. Able to sign on, signs off, and properly bring up workstations and properly shut down the workstations.
19. MUST BE FLEXIBLE when scheduling coverage. May be REQUIRED to work overtime occasionally to ensure coverage when other personnel in the department are absent.

1. Pleasant, friendly disposition with the ability to work with co-workers and patients.
2. Awareness of need for discretion and for keeping confidential all matters.
3. Intelligence to use judgment and initiative determining the course of action in a particular situation.
4. Ability to handle stressful situations while remaining calm.
5. Tact and diplomacy when dealing with staff members.
6. Maturity to withstand pressures that may arise in relation to the patients, and other personnel or physicians.
7. Ability to devote attention to detail for extended periods of time.
8. Able to work in a team situation while promoting harmony and cohesiveness within the department.
9. Near visual acuity required to read detailed instructions and examine specimens.
10. Color vision is required to detect color changes of specimens in stains used on specimens.
11. Pleasant telephone manner and pleasant personal manner.