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With 100+ physicians in 20 specialties, Collom & Carney Clinic serves the healthcare needs of more than 200,000 active patients. This "Physician Owned" group has been a staple in East Texas for the past 70 years. Medical Group Management Association (MGMA) has recognized Collom & Carney as a better performer in the "Performance and Practices of Successful Medical Groups." The clinic has received this distinction since 1998, the first year criteria was developed for this award. The clinic has always maintained a standard of professionalism and excellence, yet within a friendly working environment. All of our physicians are provided with the best resources available, including state-of-the-art equipment, superior staff support, and administrative assistance.


Job Openings


M-F 8-5





Summary Of Position And Responsibilities

Must have ARRT and a valid Texas State License. 


Submission of an application should not be construed as an offer and does not automatically result in your being selected for the position. The goal of the Clinic continues to be to place the best qualified applicant in the position.

Collom & Carney Clinic is an Equal Opportunity Employer


LVN/LPN for Pediatrics for Dr. Cheryl Saul- Sehy

M-F 8am to 5pm

Must have current nursing license.

Please submit an online application.

You may also apply in person in the Human Resources office. 


Must have current nursing license

LPN/LVN Float Nurse

Mon - Fri 8am to 5pm

Must have current license.  


M-F 8-5

Must have current license. 


Receptionist - Radiology

M-F 8-5

 To perform the clerical functions of the Radiology Technician positions enabling them to better utilize their time with the patient.

1. Check in patients:  order charge ticket, order label, mark charge ticket, type patient an identification card.
2. Escort patient to dressing room, instruct how to undress for their exam.  Assist the elderly and handicapped patients with dressing and undressing.
3. Answer four phone lines.
4. Schedule appointments for mammograms, bone density, fluoroscopy, CT scans, and sonograms (ultrasounds).
5. Pull x-ray film and /or report for Doctors and nurses when requested.
6. Pull requested film, make copies and mail to outside Doctors and facilities.
7. Fax reports to requesting doctors.
8. Box up material to be shred on a routine basis.
9. Process mammograms questionnaires daily.
10. Check charge tickets to make sure there is one for every procedure.
11. Deliver reports twice daily to doctors offices.
12. Pick up x-ray film daily at doctors offices.
13. Send outside films back weekly.
14. Do a monthly call and request for Collom & Carney films on loan to other facilities.
15. Instruct patients in regard to the preps for their exams and give the proper preparation kits.
16. Help patient fill out release forms and questionnaires.
17. Post dictation for bone density reports.
18. Checks orders for next day for RQI’s and diagnosis.

1. High School Graduate or equivalent.
2. Typing and computer skills helpful.
3. Medical background helpful.

Scribe - Westside - Dr. Kile

M-F 8am to 5pm

The Scribe will work with physician to facilitate patient flow and ensure an accurate and complete medical record for each patient.  The Scribe assists the physician by accompanying him during the medical history-taking and exam, recording details of both into the medical record, and coordinating department resources regarding tests, orders, radiology and results.  The Scribe tracks the orders for each patient, records results and notifies provider of results as they arrive.

High School Diploma.
Working knowledge of medical terminology and accepted abbreviations.
Recognition of physical exam process and ability to record exam details.
Legible handwriting and ability to accurately record information.
Computer proficiency and ability to quickly learn new applications.
Communication skills and the ability to coordinate and cooperate with multiple members of the health care team.
Organizational skills with focus on tracking patient care and improving patient flow.
Professional demeanor and recognition of privacy considerations for patients and family members.

LPN/LVN - Family Practice - Brooke Carr, PA / College Drive

M-F 8am - 5pm

Must have current LPN/LVN license.